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Alliance Tax Advisors is a highly regarded group of property tax professionals serving clients across the country from offices in Texas, Georgia, and Colorado. The company has a reputation for integrity and effectiveness that puts them in high demand. Among ATA’s greatest assets is the intimate and long-standing relationship its founders and team members have developed with the commercial property industry.

Besides their expertise in property tax, most have spent time as investors, property managers, and realtors. Taken together, this adds up to decades of invaluable experience, a reality that needed to be clearly conveyed and capitalized on in the online experience.


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The Challenge.

It’s the team at ATA that puts them a cut above the rest. They needed their central site to connect visitors to the tax professionals that make the company outstanding, and experience that would convey the professionalism and expertise they consistently bring to their work. Alliance Tax Advisors needed its digital presence to reflect its unique value proposition. We built an experience showcasing the strengths that give ATA its edge.

When ATA approached us, they were looking for a complete overhaul of their online presence. It had been many years since much thought had been given to how the online experience should represent the company, and a great deal had changed in the meantime.

The Solution.

The original site had been heavily text-based and somewhat disconnected in its architecture. Dreamers of Day built a new, dynamic experience from the ground up, translating the vision of the company into a compelling encounter for online visitors. To bring the site to life, we partnered with an experienced corporate photographer who provided the professional, team-centered imagery that lies at the heart of the visual direction. Additionally, we coordinated the creation of new, strong copy and generated engaging visuals for each stage of the experience. ATA is a team on the go.

With its primary assets (its people) often out of the office and on location at client sites, they needed an online presence that could serve as a cornerstone, an experience that would connect clients and potential clients to the heart of the company and demonstrate the breadth of its success. One of ATA’s particular requests was that their new online experience provide an opportunity for visitors to get to know the team—as a whole and as individuals—even before meeting them in person. This was achieved through a variety of means, the primary of which is an extensive, custom “History” page showcasing the company’s origins and the care with which the team has been built. This not only serves to familiarize visitors with the solid foundations of the firm, but introduces several of the team members in the context of the added strength their experience has brought the company.Additionally, we spoke at length with all of ATA’s property tax professionals to create a robust biography for each further deepening the connection between ATA and their potential audience types.

The commercial property business is one that is carried out as much in the field as it is in the office. To accommodate the fast-moving nature of both ATA and its clients, we knew we needed to create an experience that would be as effective on mobile as it would be on a larger display. Building on the versatile WordPress CMS platform, we customized for optimal responsiveness. Images and features load conditionally, dependent on the capability of the viewing device, ensuring a fast load and full experience on any screen.

The Result

Since its re-launch, ATAtax.com has seen both stronger positioning in search and increased lead generation, coordinated through the site itself. With a responsive, dynamic online experience, ATA is ready to look to the future, to stimulate and accommodate growth, and to further solidify its positioning in the field.

Dreamers of Day does great work. We've received unanimous positive feedback about our new online presence.

Joe Comparin, Partner


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