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Cisco is a household name for all things technology. More specifically, they are the worldwide leader in IT and networking. They’re constantly creating and executing new strategies and technologies to make big things happen.

One of their latest endeavors is a collaboration with Live Nation—the global leader in live entertainment. With nearly 70 events occurring nationally every day through Live Nation, the evolution of the concert experience was an opportunity Cisco wanted to take full advantage of.

Stripes Agency and MVT PR enlisted Dreamers of Day to help execute a new and engaging concept for the Cisco and Live Nation partnership.


Cisco & Live Nation


Interactive Content Asset


UX Consulting, Development, Experimental Technology (WebGL, ThreeJS)

The Challenge.

How do two nationally recognized brands communicate their partnership in an engaging way that will reside with concert go-ers?

In order to create an interactive asset for the new technology that Cisco was rolling out, Dreamers of Day pushed to think outside the box and experiment. Rather than have a modest movement going on throughout the experience, the DOD team decided to make the online experience mimic the engaging and exciting nature of concerts.

The Solution.

We took on the objective of developing an interactive experience that communicates the concept of connecting fans throughout the United States. In order to represent the national coverage in this project, we created a distortable United States map. This was a perfect opportunity to utilize WebGL to generate a component of the website that could be interacted with via mouse while relaying the overarching message of nationwide service.

By utilizing Greensock, we were able to customize animations throughout the experience with hair-fine control—allowing our team to constantly iterate over the animations until they felt right with the overall aesthetic. Quick lines and sophisticated movements created an experience that draws its audience in.

As a secondary role of UX Consultant, DOD knew that the experience needed to be accessed in a multitude of diverse venues across the country. Breaking down the experience so it works on mobile is an important detail. Mobile usability is a component Dreamers of Day focused on in order to grasp the goal of making the concert experience more interactive, engaging and instantly shareable than ever before. Whether it’s the plasma from the comfort of your own home, or on the go with your mobile device, the online experience adapts to any screen – big or small.

Collaboration was a key factor in the execution of this project. With so many moving parts, it was essential that all agencies remained in sync throughout the design and development process. Working hand-in-hand with Stripe’s creative team, we were able to bring life to a never before seen  concert-oriented experience.

The Result.

The result is an interactive experience that encapsulates the connected nature of fans through the Cisco & LiveNation partnership. All parties involved agree that the experience pushes the boundaries of a standard microsite into something much more animated and engaging that fans can interact with.

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