Coworking Reimagined.


The Common Desk operates a growing network of coworking spaces and workday brands to fulfill its mission of enhancing every workday with human connections and belonging. The company needed a fresh approach to 1) ensure their website showcased both their values and memorable spaces within their network, and 2) create a foundation for data capture and lead generation to optimize their prospect funnel.


The Common Desk


Website Design and Development


Strategy, Information Architecture, UX, Design, Development

The Challenge.

The Solution.

Together with the Common Desk leadership team, we led a 7-step web design and development process to reinvigorate their digital presence. After the discovery and planning phase, a clean, compelling visual design and thoughtful re-usable modules brought the brand to life. Additionally, various ‘multi-step’ lead generation forms and custom functionality were created and connected with a variety of back-end systems in the development phase.

The Result.

The relaunched Common Desk website was praised by the leadership team and audiences alike. The founder, Nick Clark, called it “the first website that he’s proud of“. We continue to work with the Common Desk by improving the website and other parts of their digital infrastructure on a weekly basis.

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