Reimagining An Agency.


Criterion.B is a real estate-focused content marketing agency located in Dallas, TX. Its previous incarnation, Canonball, had become well known for web design and development and had its fingers in several facets of marketing across a variety of verticals.

Under its new brand, the company has narrowed its focus to the commercial real estate vertical. The Criterion team reached out to Dreamers of Day for help aligning their online presence with their newly adjusted value proposition.




Marketing Website


Strategy, Information Architecture,
UX, Design, Development

The Challenge.

More than solely an introduction to the new Criterion.B brand, the online experience needed to function as a central element in the company’s marketing strategy.
The new experience not only had to highlight the company’s culture, values, and mission, but it also needed to serve as a landing that generates and captures leads through the use of marketing automation technology—namely, HubSpot.
With over nine years of search engine equity built up, it was also important to preserve the link value that comes along with having an established online presence.

The Outcome.

Rebuilding the website with marketing automation at its core allowed the Criterion.B team to focus on rebuilding its brand without having to stress rebuilding its overall marketing flow and infrastructure.

The DoD team wanted to make sure that going forward, the company would be able to easily adapt the new experience to accommodate its growth and fluidity of the new brand.

We took advantage of the WordPress CMS as a flexible foundation, then built the site using modular development methodologies that allow the Criterion.B team to generate highly customizable pages using “blocks” that we’ve specially designed to suit their needs. Everything down to the padding of each block is customizable.

We have received excellent feedback from the Criterion.B team with regard to both design and development, and they are nothing short of delighted with the flexibility and ease of use of their new WordPress build.

From fantastic design to masterful back end development, we whole heartedly recommend Dreamers of Day.

Shanker Chalekode, Chief Marketing Officer


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