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LVL29 is a luxury high-rise apartment complex that’s being constructed in the renowned area of West Plano. The soon-to-be occupied community is surrounded by endless eateries, entertainment, and bustling business. The community get’s it’s name from the 29 stories it’s comprised of, as well as their prospective resident’s aspirations to achieve their highest potential.

Like any up-and-coming community, getting the word out and giving prospective residents a brief glimpse of what’s to come is of the utmost importance. Criterion B. created the introduction for Dreamers of Day to fulfill the task of building the new microsite.


LVL 29


Marketing Website


Strategy, Information Architecture, UX, Design, Development

The Challenge.

How does one communicate a luxurious, high-end feel within a simple one-page scrolling experience—and for a community that is just starting its construction efforts? This is the challenge that Dreamers of Day willfully took on and spearheaded.

With assets that were strictly limited to concept imagery of the living community, our team had to capture a level of sophistication through the design that would attract potential residents and offer them as much information as possible.

The Solution.

Dreamers of Day designed a simple, yet sophisticated layout that speaks to the upcoming luxury of the LVL 29 community. Our team creatively utilized the community’s current limited assets using overlays and the brand’s color palette to create a modern, inviting aesthetic.

In order to keep potential residents engaged and informed, an up to date construction tracker is included on the website—providing awareness of the construction status to prospective residents.

Tone-setting imagery was used to convey the luxurious qualities of the property, and the strategic use of serif typography drives home an aesthetic that would only be expected of a premium community.

The Result

The project was well received from the property management company as well as the partnered agency. Dreamers of Day positioned the LVL29 brand online in a way that speaks to the luxurious qualities that prospective residents would hope to experience within the community.

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