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MVT is a Chicago based and internationally known boutique marketing communications agency. The modest team specializes in sports and lifestyle brands, not to mention care and attention.

The agency offers a range of services including brand strategy, public relations, internal communications and content marketing. Their strategies have been featured in acclaimed places such as the NBA draft and the Rio Olympics.

With an impressive roster of clients, MVT was looking to portray themselves online just as they do through their work and reached out to Dreamers of Day to help make that happen.


MVT Public Relations


Marketing Website


Strategy, Information Architecture, UX, Design, Development

The Challenge.

How can MVT use its digital presence to make a meaningful connection with its audience? Ultimately, our team was tasked with reimagining how the MVT brand was going to be represented online. This was the overarching challenge that our team had to face.

Communicating the agency’s culture, clientele, capabilities, and its successes were key items that needed to be addressed for the entire experience to truly come together.

Additionally, with a roster of complex projects from a range of high-profile clients came the challenge of trying to communicate large-scale projects within an online case-study format.

The Solution.

Truly bringing the case studies to the attention of the user meant doing something different. Our approach was experimental and quite bold. Instead of solely housing the case studies on the internal pages we put them front and center. When users visit the new online experience, they are greeted with a carousel of MVT’s featured work.

In tune with keeping the work front and center, the about page contains quick facts defining what it means to be a “valuable team.” It also serves as a landing so users can get to know their most valuable team through the biographies.

The Result

In addition to the numerous compliments MVT has fielded they also have a more robust website to showcase and build upon. Their work is now the center of their online presence and the experience now more accurately reflects the agency’s success. MVT was very pleased with the experience and is excited to move forward with an experience that can grow in-tandem with their team of rockstars.

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