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ResMan is a growing software company that offers a wide variety of solutions and integrations for multifamily properties.

The ResMan team launched it’s software into the market in 2012 as a SaaS solution after being developed by a private property management company for nearly a decade.

The company firmly believes that customer service should remain at the core of property management solutions. Due to the fact that the platform was built by property managers—the company carries a sharp unique selling proposition that they wanted to be clearly communicated through an updated online presence. This is where Dreamers of Day stepped in.




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The Challenge.

Many of ResMan’s potential customers are unaware of the unique benefits that the platform can provide, and many of these ideals come down to an ease of use that can only really be engineered through a breath of experience.

So how can ResMan use their digital real estate to communicate the simplistic yet extremely customizable nature of their product? This is the challenge that was brought to the Dreamers of Day team.

The Solution.

Working in close collaboration with Criterion.B (their content and inbound partner), we built an experience that communicates the software’s diverse capabilities.

Like any software company, it was important for ResMan to not only communicate their unique selling proposition but also capture and nurture potential leads. The new experience is closely tied with HubSpot, allowing the ResMan team to continue their efforts in driving potential leads through their sales funnel.

The Dreamers of Day team also created a robust integrations tool in which prospective customers can customize their own ResMan “solution” based on ResMan’s lengthy roster of third-party partners. Once a user moves through the solution builder, they are able to send their solution to their email for reference and a copy is also sent to the ResMan team so a sales representative can follow up with the prospect to discuss their needs.

The Result

The new experience led to a 258% increase in online traffic as well as 21.6% increase in form submissions from the year before.

Visually the experience was welcomed with praise and ResMan is now able to utilize their online experience with pride as a tool that can grow alongside their organization.

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