Shepherding the Homeless.


OurCalling is a growing faith-based nonprofit that has been transforming the lives of Dallas area homeless for more than a decade. The organization supports the downtrodden and offers a way out through their relationship-based approach—directing them to resources, forming friendships, and offering hope.

OurCalling realized that their online presence had to not only better communicate the mission of their brand, but offer prospective users a platform to get involved with the organization. We built a robust online experience to engage the community and support the organization’s volunteering efforts.




Marketing Website
iOS / Android App Design


Strategy, Information Architecture
UX, Design, Development

The Challenge.

With an ever-growing network of volunteers and an expanding area of influence, OurCalling needed to revamp their digital infrastructure to enable them to coordinate activities, encourage participation and donations, and spread the word about their mission.

The Solution.

Dreamers of Day rebuilt OurCalling.org from the ground up, working to improve things such as information architecture, design, content, and development to support the goals of the organization. The new OurCalling.org puts the mission front and center, inviting and inspiring visitors to explore the many ways they can take action.

It was important that the vision of the organization comes to life through the new online experience. Because of this, special thought and consideration went into creating the `What We Do` page. Working with OurCalling’s founder, we selected a combination of existing and fresh content for which we coordinated copy to tell the story of a movement and convey a cohesive, digestible message that would touch hearts and inform minds.

An integrated event management solution presents upcoming events on the front page and generates an all-encompassing calendar of the broad variety of programs and activities that visitors can participate in. These events range from bible studies to search and rescues. Event pages are constructed of a large number of modules, allowing each to be extensively customizable and very thorough if need be. Modules include elements like maps, image sliders, volunteer sign-up forms, online waiver and guideline downloads, and more. This solution makes adding and updating events, whether recurring or stand-alone, easy and intuitive.

We saw a need to streamline access to the content and resources available through the online experience. To accomplish this, we created “The Hub”, a central resource repository that houses OurCalling’s frequently published content.

To ensure users would be able to access information quickly and easily, wherever they may be, we built the new OurCalling.org to be optimally responsive across a variety of devices. This meant making it possible for assets like high-definition images and video to load conditionally, dependent on the device being used and the resources available.

It’s rare when people deliver what they promise. Dreamers of Day did just that.

Wayne Walker, Founder


The Result.

The result is a no-delay experience that can be accessed as easily and effectively on mobile devices as it is on desktop devices, without compromising the refined aesthetic of the new online experience. Aside from the overwhelmingly positive response received from users and stakeholders alike, OurCalling has seen a notable rise in donations since the launch of its new site, as well as an increase in orders of its print resources. This includes information about OurCalling’s hundreds of yearly events, media mentions, blog posts, and stories of individuals touched by the OurCalling organization. Built on the WordPress CMS platform, the online experience is easy to maintain, update, and customize allowing it to keep pace with a dynamic organization.

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